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From: Hunter Williams
Subject: Cole versus Nick (Y&R)I have chosen a story line that I doubt would ever be aired, but has
possibilities. The story is from “The Young and The Restless”. This deals
with m/m sex between two male characters on the Soap Opera, Cole Howard and
Nicholas Newman. The Young and The Restless and all of the characters from
the soap opera are trademarks of and copyright CPT Holdings, Inc. This
story is not meant to imply anything about the characters or the actors that
portray them.This is a story about male to male consensual sex. If that offends you,
then read no further. If that doesn’t offend you, then do not read further.You must be of legal age in your area to read Lolita Fix this and it must be legal
for you to view it. Cole versus NickCole had had all he could take of fighting with Ashley over everything that
was going on in their lives. He went to Gena’s for a drink. Cole gets
intoxicated. As he leaves, he realizes that he is still very angry over the
fight that he and Ashley had. He decides to go to Nicholas’ office to see
if there had been any word on his Victor.As soon as Cole walked into the room, Nick was very hostile; feeling that
Cole had sided with the Abbott’s against his father in the take over of
Newman. As the disagreement grew into a flat out fight, Cole swung at
Nicholas catching him across the chin. Dazed, Nick came back swinging. He
swung and landed a blow to Cole’s jaw, which in turn caused Cole to lose
his balance and fell to the floor. Nick told Cole to stay down, don’t get
up, because if he does, he will have to finish this. Cole was not about to
let Nick have such an easy victory. Nick began to turn away, and Cole
lunged at him. Nicholas went forward with Cole on top of him. They began
struggling on the floor. AS the struggling continued, Nick’s dress shirt
was ripped open, revealing his smooth chest. At the same time, Cole’s
shirt was also ripped.Nick in an attempt to get the upper hand reaches for Cole’s crotch trying
to get a grip that will allow him to get control. When he finally is able
to get his hand between Cole’s jeans covered crotch, he is able to twist so
that now, he has Cole pinned to the floor. Nick asks Cole if he is ready to
give up, but Cole determined that he would not loose to the younger man,
doesn’t respond. Nick leans in so that their faces are closer together, and
asks again if he is ready to give up.In a move that totally catches Nick off guard, Cole raises his face up and
kisses Nick on his luscious lips. Nick is so surprised by this move, that
Cole gets the advantage and rolls Nick over on to his back. Cole now on
top, straddles Nick and pins his arms to the floor, with is ass resting on
Nick’s cock.Nick stares up into Cole’s eyes and isn’t sure what he sees in them. All of
a sudden, Cole reaches down and moves the torn shirt away exposing Nick’s
chest. He starts to rub Nick’s nipples. Nick tries to free himself from
Cole, asking, “what the hell are you doing man?” Cole just gets this
strange gleam in his eye, and leans Lolita Fix forward and kisses Nick’s full lips
again, pressing his tongue into Nick’s closed lips. Nick starts to
protest and try to pull away, but as he does, Cole slips his tongue into the
warm wet space of Nick’s mouth.Cole sets back up, and Nick says “Cole, what the hell are you doing?” Cole
responds, “I have had Nicki and I have had Victoria. Now I am going to have
you!”Nick says, “The hell you are”, and begins to struggle again. Cole reaches
down and completely rips the shirt from Nick. He slides back slightly and
grabs Nick’s crotch, instantly bringing Nick to a complete stand still.
Cole says “just relax and enjoy this”. Nick reply’s “your crazy”. While
he is saying this, Cole has begun rubbing Nick’s crotch, and much to Nick’s
amazement, his cock has started to stiffen. When he realizes that this is
actually starting to stimulate him, he stops struggling. Cole looks at him,
and says “are you ready”.Nick says, “yes, let’s go for it”. Cole leans in and begins sucking on
Nick’s neck working his way down to his pecs and begins nibbling on them.
They become instantly hard. Nick has not started rubbing his hands over
Cole’s back. He then pulls Cole’s shirt off and explores the bare skin of
Cole’s chest.Cole now moves down to Nick’s firm stomach and begins to kiss he way towards
Nick’s growing crotch. He reaches for the belt and begins to unfasten it.
When he has it unbuckled; he opens the slacks and begins to pull them down
over Nick’s firm ass, revealing the silk boxers. He pulls the pants
completely off and just stares at the crotch before him, tented by emerald
green silk. Cole reaches for the top of the boxers and slides them down as
well, exposing a very hairy Lolita Fix
medium brown crotch, and a rock hard 8″ cut cock
curving upwards. Nick just lies there, completely nude, staring at Cole.
Cole tells him that he is sexier than he ever thought possible.Nick sets up and says, “I don’t think that it is exactly fair that you are
getting to see the “family jewels” and I only get to see a very hot chest.
With that, he reaches forward and begins to open Cole’s tight jeans. As
they open, he finds that Cole isn’t wearing underwear. As the jeans are
pulled down, a bushy crotch of black hair is revealed, giving Nick a whiff
of that secret aroma. Nick pulls harder on the jeans, and Cole’s 7″ cock is
freed and slaps Nick in the face. Cole then steps out of the jeans, now
completely nude as well.Having Cole’s hard rod staring him in the face has an affect on him that he
never expected. He is so turned on that he leans Lolita Fix in and takes the whole
length of the hard cock in one swallow. His nose is buried in Cole’s
crotch. He begins going up and down on the hard cock, and at the same time,
reaches up and starts to play with the low-hanging, hairy balls. He can
tell that they are full of hot juice that is going to be released. Cole has
now thrown is head back and also grabbed Nick’s head and is face fucking him
like crazy. Before he can let Nick know, he has unloaded a hot stream of
cum into Nick’s mouth. Nick gagging pulls back and watches as several more
streams shoot from the erect tool. The whole time, Nick is playing with
Cole’s nuts and stroking his own cock at the same time.Cole kneels Lolita Fix
down, and Lolita Fix goes straight down on Nick’s throbbing cock. Nick is
so hot, and turned on he begins moaning and begging for him to get him off!
Cole keeps sucking and tonguing the hard cock until Nick begins moaning: “I’m
cumming”! With that, Cole pulls off, and strokes Nick to one of the best
climax’s Nick has ever had.The two studs lay on the floor and talk about Lolita Fix what has just happened. Nick
says that he can’t believe that he just did what he had done. Cole asks,
“did you enjoy it? Nick replies “YES!” Cole says “Good”. That is all that
matters. He goes on to say “Nick, I have to tell you, sex with Nicki and
Vicki was great, but it was incredible with you”.Nick flashes that incredible smile, and he simply says “Thanks”.

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